Description Stock Code Price Quantity
F28-186 Band Saw 2 Wheel 245x150mm Cut 20SE-F28-186 £199.88 Out Of Stock
bs410 Bandsaw Bench Top 10" Throat 4" High 20CH-BS410 £299.89 Out Of Stock
30736 Bandsaw DRAPER 150mm Metal Cutting Hor. & Vert. 20DR-30736 £359.89 Out Of Stock
53040 Bandsaw DRAPER 150mm Metal Cutting Horizontal 20DR-53040 £449.89 Out Of Stock
13773 Bandsaw DRAPER 200mm [+A] 20DR-13773 £138.89 Out Of Stock
82756 Bandsaw DRAPER 200mm [+B] 20DR-82756 £109.88 Out Of Stock
84713 Bandsaw DRAPER 250mm 20DR-84713 £212.89 Out Of Stock
w721 bansaw Bandsaw Floorstanding 12" Throat 20CH-W721 £499.88 In Stock
w730 bandsaw Bandsaw Floorstanding 14" Throat 20CH-W730 £629.89 In Stock
w740 bandsaw Bandsaw Floorstanding 16" Throat Inc. Wheel Kit 20CH-W740 £1,249.88 In Stock
w750 bandsaw Bandsaw Floorstanding 18" Throat Inc. Wheel Kit 20CH-W750 £1,399.88 Out Of Stock
B250 Bandsaw Floorstanding Deluxe with LED 10" Throat 20CH-B250 £399.89 In Stock
b300 Bandsaw Floorstanding Deluxe with LED 12" Throat 20CH-B300 £569.89 In Stock
b350 Bandsaw Floorstanding Deluxe with LED 14" Throat 20CH-B350 £699.89 In Stock
84717 Bandsaw Stand ONLY for BS25B 20DR-84717 £19.88 Out Of Stock
6460060 CBS45MD 6"METAL CUTTING BANDSAW 20CL-6460060 £313.82 Out Of Stock
305dbp Mitre Saw 12" Dbl Bvl Compound Sliding Laser &W212Stand 20CH-305DBP2 £354.89 Out Of Stock
305db Mitre Saw 12" Double Bevel Compound Sliding Laser 20CH-305DB £389.89 Out Of Stock
69122 Saw Bench DRAPER 10" Top & 2Blades 20DR-69122 £213.89 Out Of Stock
83677 Saw DRAPER Compound Sliding Mitre 210mm 20DR-83677 £129.89 Out Of Stock