Upholstery Foam

All of our Upholstery foam is cut to order, please see the links below starting with full sheet prices at the top then cut sizes below. Click on these different thicknesses to then enter your chosen dimensions to get a quote.
Our Blue foam has a medium/firm feel, this is most commonly used for cushion replacements and campervans, our white foam is a much softer foam.
Blue foam will be sent as standard unless requested.
All of the upholstery foam we supply is combustion modified which complies with the furniture and furnishings schedule 1 - part 1 of the fire safety regulation 1988

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 038 94" x 80" Upholstery Foam Sheets - Various Thicknesses
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x 1/4""" 06PR-FSFB948014 £14.98
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x 1/2""" 06PR-FSFB948012 £29.98
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x 1""" 06PR-FSFB94801 £59.98
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x1 1/2""" 06PR-FSFB9480112 £89.98
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x2""" 06PR-FSFB94802 £119.98
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x3""" 06PR-FSFB94803 £179.98
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x4""" 06PR-FSFB94804 £239.96
"Foam Sheet Firm Blue 94x80x5""" 06PR-FSFB94805 £299.96
Cutting Foam Foam 1/4inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-1/4"2
Cutting Foam Foam 1/2inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-1/2"2
Cutting Foam Foam 1inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-1"2
Cutting Foam Foam 1 1/2inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-1-1/2"2
Cutting Foam Foam 2inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-2"2
Cutting Foam Foam 3inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-3"2
Cutting Foam Foam 4inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-4"2
Cutting Foam Foam 5inch Per inch2 White or Blue 06PR-5"2