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100 x Assorted Plastic Packers

100 x Assorted Plastic Packers

These durable & easy to fit packers are manufactured from polypropylene plastic with a forked design which allows fixings to be inserted without any pre-drilling. They have a colour coded thickness for easy identification & the snap-off tab allows the packer to be held in place then snapped off when job complete. The set contains 6 popular sizes ranging from 1-6mm & they are ideal for aligning battens, window frame fixing & spacing.

Approximate Size & Quantity:

  • 20pc x 1mm (Red)

  • 20pc x 2mm (Green)

  • 20pc x 3mm (Blue)

  • 20pc x 4mm (Brown)

  • 10pc x 5mm (Grey)

  • 10pc x 6mm (Black)