Wall Plugs

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Packers Plastic x100 Assorted Packers Plastic x100 Assorted 09HA-BB-PP200 £2.99 Out Of Stock
Wall Plug 5.5mm Red x100 D 09SC-1090720 From £0.50 In Stock
Green Wall Plug 12MM Green x10 09LI-WP1220 From £0.84 In Stock
KDPHW070 - 220PC WALL PLUGS Wall Plug Assortment 220Pce. In Box 09KD-KDPHW070 £2.79 In Stock
Plastic-wall-plug-4-1024x1024 Wall Plug GRIPIT x 100 - Various Sizes
Wall Plug GRIPIT Yellow x100 D 09GR-GRIPITWALLYEL100 £1.99 In Stock
Wall Plug GRIPIT Red x100 D 09GR-GRIPITWALLRED100 £2.39 In Stock
Wall Plug GRIPIT Brown x100 D 09GR-GRIPITWALLBRO100 £2.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 020 Wall Plug Strip 4x300mm Red Cut to Length 09LI-VPR From £0.35 In Stock
Picture 017 Wall Plug Strip 5x300mm Green Cut to Length 09LI-VPG From £0.35 In Stock
Picture 018 Wall Plug Strip 6.5x300mm Yellow Cut to Length 09LI-VPW From £0.35 In Stock
Picture 016 Wall Plug Strip 6x300mm Blue Cut to Length 09LI-VPB From £0.35 In Stock
Picture 019 Wall Plug Strip 7x300mm Black Cut to Length 09LI-VPBL From £0.35 In Stock
wall plug Wall Plug x 20 - Various Sizes
Wall Plug 5mm Yellow x20 09LI-WP0520 From £0.34 In Stock
Wall Plug 6mm Red x20 09LI-WP0620 From £0.36 In Stock
Wall Plug 8mm Brown x20 09LI-WP0820 From £0.43 In Stock
Wall Plug 10MM Blue x20 09LI-WP1030 From £0.70 In Stock