Compressor 12V DRAPER Mini Tyre Inflator Digital 250PSI

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Draper Mini 12v Digital Tyre Inflator

Draper Mini 12v Digital Tyre Inflator

Digital gauge Air compressor with a digital gauge. Manufactured with an inbuilt SMD LED lamp and digital pressure gauge which cuts the power once the required pressure is reached. Made from heavy-duty ABS plastic.


  • Power: 12v - 120w

  • Maxi Pressure: 150psi

  • Flow Rate: 27/Min

  • Air Hose Length: 500mm

  • Cord Length: 3m

  • Inflation time: 4.5mins

  • Size: 210 x 100 x 190mm

  • Contents:

    • 3 inflation nozzles (tapered, inflating, needle)