Tyres and Breakdown

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
92667 Compressor 12V DRAPER Mini Tyre Inflator Digital 250PSI 20DR-92667 £27.89 In Stock
68092 Footpump REDLINE with Gauge 20DR-68092 £8.99 Out Of Stock
22170 Footpump with Gauge 20BE-2217 £2.99 In Stock
13520 Footpump with Gauge Double Barrel 20BE-1352 £5.99 Out Of Stock
04979 Jack DRAPER Hydraulic Bottle 8Tonne 20DR-04979 £43.89 Out Of Stock
24989 Jack REDLINE 2Tonne Bottle 20DR-24989 £8.99 Out Of Stock
Jerry Can 20Ltr. Green Jerry Can 20Ltr. Green 09ST-SWJC20 £21.89 In Stock
ssmc01 Measuring Can Polythene with Flexible Spout 1Ltr. 09SI-SSMC01 £3.98 In Stock
ssmc02 Measuring Can Polythene with Flexible Spout 2Ltr. 09SI-SSMC02 £4.99 Out Of Stock
KDPAU019 Measuring Jug 2Ltr with Lid & Flexible Spout 09KD-KDPAU019 £2.69 In Stock
KDPAU008 Measuring Jug 5Ltr with Lid & Flexible Spout 09KD-KDPAU008 £3.98 Out Of Stock
68813 Oil Filter Strap Wrench Redline 100mm 20DR-68813 £4.99 In Stock
can2 Petrol Can 5Ltr. Green 09SI-CAN2 £4.89 In Stock
can1 Petrol Can 5Ltr. Red 09SI-CAN1 £4.89 In Stock
sstr01 Tow Rope 3.5Mtr. 1.5Tonne B/S 09SI-SSTR01 £5.99 In Stock
sstr02 Tow Rope 4Mtr. 3Tonne B/S 09SI-SSTR02 £12.98 In Stock
sstr05 Tow Rope 4Mtr. 3Tonne B/S Expanding 09SI-SSTR05 £9.98 In Stock
DG150 Tyre Depth Gauge PRO USER Digital 09BL-BB-DG150 £4.88 In Stock
sgts1 Tyre Flat Fix for Emergencies 450Gm. Aerosol 09SI-SGTS1 £5.48 In Stock
sstg01d Tyre Pressure Gauge 09SI-SSTG01D £2.99 In Stock