Deep Fat Fryer 3Ltr. 2000Watt SS

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SS Deep Fat Fryer 3Ltr

SS Deep Fat Fryer 3Ltr. 2000Watt

3ltr stainless steel deep fat fryer. A removable oil container and non-stick pan make the fryer incredibly quick and easy to clean. Easy to hold with cool touch handles make the fryer easy to use. A detachable basket handle adds to the ease of use of the fryer. Once your meal has been served and enjoyed, your used oil doesn't have to be immediately discarded thanks to the fryer's innovative Cool Zone technology. This economical feature ensures that any stray pieces of food that have fallen out of the basket don't burn and contaminate the oil, helping it last longer and so require changing less often. Perfect for chips, fried fish, chicken nuggets and much more the deep fat fryer gives you plenty of culinary options.


  • 43.5x24.5x27.5cm