Electrical Kitchen Appliances

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
35190b Blender One Touch 500ml Bottle 180Watt 01BE-35190 £12.89 In Stock
Master-Bullet-1 Blender SMART Master Bullet 01SM-SMB8000 £45.89 In Stock
48330 Bread Maker 1lb White 01BR-48330 £47.99 Out Of Stock
48326 Bread Maker 2lb White 13Programmes 3Loaf Sizes 01BR-48326 £62.99 Out Of Stock
48324 Bread Maker 2lb White 19Programmes 3Loaf Sizes 01BR-48324 £87.98 Out Of Stock
16510 Buffet Server 3xCompartment SS 01BE-16510 £34.99 In Stock
16520 Buffet Server 3xCompartment SS Compact 01BE-16520 £27.98 In Stock
51560 Candy Floss Maker 500Watt 01BE-51560 £26.89 Out Of Stock
Web candy floss 1 Candy Floss Maker SMART Retro 01SM-PCM805RETRORED £47.89 Out Of Stock
Web Gummy Bear 1 Candy Maker SMART Gummy 01SM-GCM600SMART £24.89 Out Of Stock
50990 Chocolate Fountain 80Watt 01BE-50990 £13.88 In Stock
Cascading-Chocolate-Founatain-3 Chocolate Fountain SMART Cascading 01SM-CFF1000 £39.89 Out Of Stock
Web Retro Chocolate Fountain 1 Chocolate Fountain SMART Retro Square 01SM-RFF500 £34.88 Out Of Stock
ZX889 Chopper WAHL James Martin 01EP-ZX889 £32.89 In Stock
km3874 Coffee Grinder SEVERIN Black & SS 01HO-KM3874 £35.89 Out Of Stock
ZB8698 Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets x9 SEVERIN 01HO-ZB8698 £6.79 Out Of Stock
ZB8697 Coffee Machine Descaling Tablets x9 SEVERIN 01HO-ZB8697 £9.89 Out Of Stock
ka4190 Coffee Maker SEVERIN Black & SS with Clock & Timer 01HO-KA4190 £34.88 In Stock
ka4487 Coffee Maker SEVERIN Jug - Various Colours
Coffee Maker SEVERIN Black & Glass Jug 01HO-KA4487 £15.49 Out Of Stock
Coffee Maker SEVERIN White & Glass Jug 01HO-KA4488 £15.49 Out Of Stock
KA4431 Coffee Maker Thermo Jug SEVERIN Black & SS 01HO-KA4131 £37.88 Out Of Stock