Bread Maker PRINCESS 600Watt <900Gm. - Black or White

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Princess 600w Bread Maker <900g - Black or White

Princess 600w Bread Maker <900g - Black or White

Get the smell of freshly baked bread whenever you want at home thanks to the Princess 152009 Bread Maker. Unlike professional bakers, you do not have to get up before the crack of dawn to start baking. Just add the ingredients to the bread maker in the evening, let it work it’s magic at night and wake up to the smell of fresh bread. The best way to start your day.

Choose your own ideal baking program - The fully automatic Princess Bread Maker makes baking bread easy and fast. Add all the ingredients to the baking tin with non-stick coating and select the matching program. With 15 pre-programmed programs there is always a program for your type of bread. If you like to adjust the settings to your own preferences, you can via the digital control panel. You can even set the colour of the crust so no more to light or to dark bread.

Ideal for allergies or special diets - For people suffering from gluten intolerance or allergies the Princess Bread Maker is a real asset. Surprise them with a fresh gluten free bread thanks to the special gluten free baking program. Factories where bread is made add all sorts of hidden ingredients to the bread dough like flour improver and sugar. Only use your own pure ingredients for the best notoriousness results.

From banana bread to yoghurt - The Princess Bread Maker can bake a bread up to 900 grams. That are around about 14 slices of bread, enough for your entire family. Make a juicy banana bread or a delicious rye bread. The bread maker is also suitable for jelly, yogurt, cakes and even rice and rice wine.

Extensive selection of pre-programmed settings - Via the easy display of the Princess Bread Maker you can select the most optimal program. There are 8 settings for different types of bread like whole wheat, sweet, French, gluten free and three ultra-fast settings. Jam, yoghurt, cake and just kneading or rising are also possible.

Fresh bread in the morning - With the digital timer you can add the ingredients up to 13 hours before you want to start baking. Set the timer so it starts baking at 6 o’clock in the morning and you will have a fresh and warm bread by 9 o’clock. Thanks to the keep warm function your bread can stay warm up to 60 minutes.

What’s in the box:

  • Bread maker, Baking tin with non-stick coating, Measuring cup, Measuring spoon, Removable dough hook, Dough hook remover


  • Flexible capacity of 680 up to 900 grams for 8 to 14 slices of bread

  • Enjoy fresh bread through out the day thanks to the digital timer and keep warm function

  • Safe to use thanks to the heat resisting housing and overheat protection

  • Easy to clean baking tin with non stick coating

  • 15 Pre-programmed baking programs and gluten free program


  • Automatic shut-off

  • Measuring cup

  • Cancel function

  • Control panel Digital

  • 3 Adjustable browning settings

  • Gluten-free program

  • Power(W): 600

  • Voltage(V): 230V

  • Loaf size selection: 680g 907g

  • Power indication light:

  • Kneading hooks included

  • Timer function

  • Non-stick coating

  • Removable baking tin

  • Capacity: 900g

  • Adjustable browning levels

  • Pre-programmed baking programs: 15

  • BPA free

  • Power cord length: 0.71m

  • Handle with lift system

  • Transparent lid

  • Keep warm function

  • Easy to clean

  • Non-slip feet

Available in:

  • Black

  • White