Locks and Chains

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
21576 Padlock Brass 64mm Shackle Protected D 09DR-21576 £12.98 In Stock
CANDADO20MM Padlock Brass Combination Med. D 09HI-CANDADO20MM £2.48 Out Of Stock
KDPLK027 Padlock Cast Iron 32mm 09KD-KDPLK027 £1.69 In Stock
KDPLK031 Padlock Cast Iron 38mm Long Shackle 09KD-KDPLK031 £2.48 In Stock
SSP162C Closed Shackle small Padlock Closed Shackle 60mm HS & Boron D 09ST-SSP162C £24.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 067 Padlock Closed Shackle 70mm Covered 09ST-CSP170 £18.98 In Stock
CSP168 Padlock Closed Shackle W/Proof 68mm D 09ST-CSP168 £19.99 Out Of Stock
HG0060 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 09UB-HG0060 £1.49 Out Of Stock
MPL132 Padlock D/Lock Marine 30mm D 09ST-MPL132 £12.98 In Stock
MPL152 Padlock D/Lock Marine 50mm D 09ST-MPL152 £24.89 In Stock
WPL149 small PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 09ST-WPL149 £9.89 Out Of Stock
Picture 018 Padlock Discus 70mm 09BE-10250 £6.98 In Stock
KDPLK063 - 2PC 50MM KEYED ALIKE PADLOCKS Padlock Laminated 50mm x2 Keyed Alike 09KD-KDPLK063 £5.99 In Stock
PD137 Padlock Metal Combination TSA Approved 09BL-BB-PD137 £3.89 In Stock
extra-heavy-close-shackle-500 Padlock Shrouded Shackle SS38mm D 09DR-64188 £24.95 Out Of Stock
KDPLK011 Padlock Steel 100mm Shutter 09KD-KDPLK011 £9.98 In Stock
KDPLK045 Padlock Steel 60mm Shackle Protected 09KD-KDPLK045 £7.88 Out Of Stock
1269H 1362H 1368H Padlock Various Sizes Brass/C.Iron
Padlock C.Iron 25mm D 09HI-1362H From £0.50 In Stock
Padlock C.Iron 38mm Long Shackle D 09HI-1368H £2.65 Out Of Stock
Padlock Brass 50mm Long Shackle D 09HI-1269H £7.99 Out Of Stock
PD202 Padlock Zinc Alloy 57mm Combination Long Shackle 09BL-BB-PD202 £6.89 In Stock