Locks and Chains

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture Chain Security Pl.Cov. 120cm 09RO-BS0604 £5.78 Out Of Stock
163 D Universal D-Lock Cycle Lock Heavy Duty D D 09ST-163D £14.95 Out Of Stock
BB-BH198 Lock Bicycle Plastic Covered Wire 10mmx1.8Mtr. 09BL-BB-BH198 £5.99 In Stock
BB-BH197 Lock Bicycle Plastic Covered Wire 12x650mm Colored 09BL-BB-BH197 £4.99 In Stock
hw0505 Lock Bicycle Plastic Covered Wire 600mm Colored 2Key 09SI-HW0505 £0.98 Out Of Stock
GA2 Open small Padlock & Security Anchor Set D 09ST-GA2 £14.99 In Stock
KDPLK025 40MM SATIN PADLOCK WITH 4 SECURITY KEYS Padlock 40mm Security 4Keys 09KD-KDPLK025 £2.99 In Stock
CSP163 small Padlock 6Lever Closed Shackle 63mm D 09ST-CSP163 £27.89 In Stock
csp163 Padlock 6Lever Closed Shackle 63mm Keyed Alike D 09ST-CSP163KA167 £29.99 In Stock
APL222P Padlock Aluminium 20mmx2 Keyed Alike 09ST-APL222P £5.48 In Stock
WPL148 Padlock Aluminium Watherproof 48mm Enclosed 09ST-WPL148 £6.49 In Stock
390H Padlock Brass 30mm Long Shackle 09HI-390H From £1.00 In Stock
CPL140 Padlock Brass 40mm Combination 09ST-CPL140 £9.89 In Stock
BPL402 Padlock Brass 40mmx2 Double Locking Keyed Alike 09ST-BPL402 £9.89 Out Of Stock
bpl444 Padlock Brass 40mmx4 Double Locking H/D Keyed Alike 09ST-BPL444 £26.89 In Stock
BB-PD202 Padlock Brass 50mm Close Shackle SHUTTER 09BL-BB-PD202D £5.99 In Stock
KDPLK022 Padlock Brass 50mm Combination 09KD-KDPLK022 £9.89 In Stock
21576 Padlock Brass 64mm Shackle Protected 09DR-21576 £12.98 In Stock
CANDADO20MM Padlock Brass Combination Med. 09HI-CANDADO20MM £2.48 Out Of Stock
KDPLK027 Padlock Cast Iron 32mm 09KD-KDPLK027 £1.69 In Stock