Router Bits

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
ce12 Collet Extension for 1/2" Shank Routers 60mm 20CH-CE12 £29.99 Out Of Stock
75352 Router Bit 1/2"xFlush 12.7x50mm 20DR-75352 £9.49 Out Of Stock
75353 Router Bit 1/2"xSlot For Biscuit Joints No.10 20DR-75353 £13.94 In Stock
75362 Router Bit 1/2"xSlot For Biscuit Joints No.20 20DR-75362 £15.98 In Stock
75349 Router Bit 1/2"xStraight 12.7x25mm 20DR-75349 £6.65 In Stock
75350 Router Bit 1/2"xStraight 12.7x50mm 20DR-75350 £7.88 Out Of Stock
Picture 019 Router Bit 1/2"xStraight 12.8x50mm 20GA-ER3/83D £7.85 In Stock
75351 Router Bit 1/2"xStraight 19x25mm 20DR-75351 £7.25 In Stock
75339 Router Bit 1/4"xBeading 38x20mm 20DR-75339 £11.45 In Stock
75340 Router Bit 1/4"xChamferring 30mmx45 Degree 20DR-75340 £9.65 In Stock
75345 Router Bit 1/4"xCore Box 12.7x6.35mm 20DR-75345 £4.99 In Stock
75346 Router Bit 1/4"xDovetail 14mm 20DR-75346 £5.95 Out Of Stock
75335 Router Bit 1/4"xFlush 12.7x25mm 20DR-75335 £4.49 In Stock
75336 Router Bit 1/4"xGroove 12.7x90 Degree 20DR-75336 £4.99 In Stock
75337 Router Bit 1/4"xGroove 19x90 Degree 20DR-75337 £9.55 In Stock
75344 Router Bit 1/4"xRebate 32x12mm 20DR-75344 £10.88 Out Of Stock
75338 Router Bit 1/4"xRoman Ogee 35x17mm 20DR-75338 £11.48 In Stock
75341 Router Bit 1/4"xRounding 25x 7mm Radius 20DR-75341 £8.84 In Stock
75342 Router Bit 1/4"xRounding 32x 9mm Radius 20DR-75342 £9.44 In Stock
75343 Router Bit 1/4"xRounding 38x14mm Radius 20DR-75343 £9.98 In Stock