Lathe Bowl Sander 50 & 75mm Pads

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Charnwood 50 & 75mm Lathe Bowl Sander Pads

Charnwood 50 & 75mm Lathe Bowl Sander Pads

A Deluxe Woodturners Bowl Sanding Kit, used to effortlessly sand pieces while still mounted on the lathe. Now supplied in an aluminium storage case.

The handle of the sander has a soft foam grip for extra comfort. The head can be adjusted to any angle to find the perfect position for accessing complex designs. The four foam backed, velcro faced sanding pads are a push fit into the head, so no tools required. The soft foam backing allows the pad to change shape and take the form of the piece being sanded, with only a light press. Using velcro sanding discs has the advantage of being able to quickly work down to fine grit sizes and then re-using the discs for the next project.

Supplied with 2 x 50mm diameter velcro pads, 2 x 75mm diameter velcro pads, spanner for adjusting head angle.

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