Grinding and Cutting Discs

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
"Disc Diamond 4.5"" BOSCH" 20GA-BOS06159975T2 £4.79 In Stock
bos2608602195 "Disc Diamond 9"" BOSCH" 20GA-BOS2608602195 £14.89 In Stock
Disc Diamond  9" Diamond Segmental "Disc Diamond 9"" Diamond Segmental" 20KD-KDPAB040 £9.98 In Stock
bos2608602195 "Disc Diamond 12"" BOSCH" 20GA-BOS2608602796 £25.99 In Stock
Disc Diamond 300mm 12" Segmental "Disc Diamond 300mm 12"" Segmental" 20GA-PTIDD300 £22.88 In Stock
BOS1603340031 Angle Grinder Nut BOSCH M14 SDS Clic 20GA-BOS1603340031 £19.99 In Stock
x1245 Arbor Mandrel Taper for Buffing Wheels on B/Grinder R.H. 20PR-X1245 £5.89 In Stock
Backing Pad For A.Grinder 115mmxM14 Plastic 20KD-KDPAB151 £2.99 In Stock
abgc1005m14 Cone Metal Grinding 100x50mm M14 For Angle Grinder 20AB-ABGC10050M14 £7.88 Out Of Stock
KDPHB209 Cutting Disc Diamond Coated 50mm & Arbor 20KD-KDPHB209 £2.48 In Stock
Picture 028 Disc Diamond 115mm Segmental 20GA-DD115 £1.88 In Stock
Disc Diamond Dry 230mm 20BL-BB-AG214 From £7.00 In Stock
36304_MPDB115 Disc Diamond Expert Deluxe Multi Purpose 115mm 20DR-36304 £26.89 In Stock
36311_MPDB230 Disc Diamond Expert Deluxe Multi Purpose 230mm 20DR-36311 £62.89 In Stock
Picture 141 Disc Diamond Wet & Dry 115mm 20BL-BB-AG212 From £1.65 In Stock
612171 Disc Diamond Wet & Dry 230mm D 20BL-612171 £9.98 In Stock
Picture 139 Disc Diamond Wet For Tile Cutter D 20BL-BB-TC301 £6.74 In Stock
hybrid-5-in-1-hy11516fm Disc HYBRID 5in1 Multi Cut 115mm 20AB-HY11516FM From £0.75 In Stock
Disc Steel Cut  75mm Disc Steel Cut 75mm 20KD-KDPAT016/25 £0.98 In Stock
PH07516FI Disc Steel Cut 75mm 20AB-PH07516FI £0.98 In Stock