Drill Attachments and Accessories

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Angle Drill Attachment 3/8" Drive Keyless 20KD-KDPDR056 £12.89 In Stock
284721_300 Arbor Assembly for Drills 20DR-DISC-279 £0.95 In Stock
48981 Backing Pad Rubber 125mm For Drill [+A] 20DR-48981 £3.98 In Stock
83815 Backing Pad Rubber 125mm For Drill [+B] 20DR-83815 £4.49 In Stock
pti0103 Chuck 10mm Hex. Adaptor Keyless 20GA-PTI0103 £8.99 In Stock
amtv1282 Chuck 13mm SDS Adaptor & Key [+A] 20GA-AMTV1282 £9.95 In Stock
PTI0225 Chuck 13mm SDS Adaptor & Key [+B] 20GA-PTI0225 £9.98 In Stock
92485 Chuck Key DRAPER Type 1 10Teeth 20DR-92485 £2.78 In Stock
92451 Chuck Key DRAPER Type 1 11Teeth 20DR-92451 £2.99 In Stock
76984 Chuck Key DRAPER Type 3 11Teeth 20DR-76984 £3.98 In Stock
S615 Chuck Key for 8mm Small 20SP-S615 £1.94 Out Of Stock
PTI0042 Chuck Keyless & 13mm SDS Adapt 20GA-PTI0042 £12.98 Out Of Stock
cu4070_1.jpg Chuck Metal 1.5<13mm Keyed & SDS Adaptor 20SE-CU4070 £9.98 Out Of Stock
cu4080_1.jpg Chuck Metal 2<13mm Keyless & SDS Adaptor 20SE-CU4080 £18.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 041 Chuck Metal Keyless & 13mm SDS Adapt 20GA-PTI0043 £14.95 In Stock
c12b Chuck ROHM 13mm & Key 20GA-C12B £12.98 In Stock
KDPDR194 Chuck10mm Keyless 20KD-KDPDR194 £3.98 In Stock
31950 Hole Cutter Adj. 40>120x30mm 20DR-31950 £23.89 In Stock
1219 Holster for Cordless Drill - Leather 20WO-1219 £4.99 In Stock
MCCSET4 Mortice Chisel Bit Set in Wooden Case 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8" 20CH-MCCSET4 £47.89 In Stock