Picture Framers Underpinner Foot Operated Professional

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Charnwood Professional Foot Operated Picture Framers Underpinner

Charnwood Professional Foot Operated Picture Framers Underpinner

  • Foot Operated Underpinner for professional users.

  • Front Rebate Clamp

  • Top Pressure Clamp

  • Simplified Wedge Size Selector

  • Cycle Completed Light

  • Extension Tables Included

  • Tools and Accessory Tray Included

A heavy duty version of the M3, specifically designed to handle hardwoods. The top pressure and driver mechanism have all been strengthened to allow greater pressure to be inserted on the moulding. The wedge magazine has also been redesigned so that a large dial on the side of the machine is used to select the wedge height to be used. The front rebate clamp locks the moulding throughout the joining cycle, which is particularly important when working with wider mouldings. A small mirror in the fence allows the operator to check the vertical edge of the joint prior to pinning, to ensure perfect results. An LED light illuminates to tell the operator when the wedge is fully inserted and the footpedal can be released.

Supplied with two extension tables, L shaped pressure pad, round pressure pad, pedal restrictor for smaller mouldings, tool tray for storing accessories, adjustable rubber feet and magnetic wedge remover.


  • Moulding Width (Using Rebate Clamp): 0-70mm

  • Moulding Width (Without Clamp): 0-110mm

  • Moulding Height: 0-100mm

  • Pin Placement from Back Corner: 0-120mm

  • Wedge Sizes: 5 to 15mm

  • Underpinner Dimensions (WxDxH): 730mm x 800mm x 1110mm

  • Weight: 55kg

  • Rating: Trade