Picture Framers Underpinner Foot Operated

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Charnwood Foot Operated Picture Framers Underpinner

Charnwood Foot Operated Picture Framers Underpinner

This new British designed manual underpinner is very simple to use thanks to its advanced features.

  • Front Rebate Clamp

  • Top Pressure Clamp

  • Cycle Completed Light

  • Wedges From 7mm to 15mm

  • Extension Tables Included

  • Floorstand Included

  • Production Stopd Included

The M3 underpinner has a unique two pedal system. The right hand pedal operates the moulding rebate clamp which securely grips the moulding from the front before pinning.

A great feature on this machine is that when adjusting the fence, to insert a second wedge, the rebate clamp also travels with it, so that the moulding always remains tightly clamped.

The left hand pedal has a dual action. Firstly the top pressure clamp is lowered so that the moulding is now clamped in two directions. Secondly the wedge is inserted underneath the moulding. To increase the simplicity of the M3 there is an indicator light which illuminates when the wedge has been fully inserted and the operation is finished.

The M3 underpinner has a sliding fence allowing for multiple wedges (also known as V nails) to be inserted into the same corner. There is a front and back limit stop, which can be set to keep wedge positions accurately placed. When using tall mouldings the fence can be locked in position to allow wedges to be stacked two on top of each other, therefore two 10mm wedges become a 20mm wedge.

Supplied with two extension tables, L shaped pressure pad, round pressure pad, pedal restrictor for smaller mouldings, adjustable rubber feet and magnetic wedge remover.


  • Moulding Width (Using Rebate Clamp): 0-60mm

  • Moulding Width (Without Clamp): 0-100mm

  • Moulding Height: 0-100mm

  • Pin Placement from Back Corner: 0-110mm

  • Wedge Sizes: 7 to 15mm

  • Underpinner Dimensions (WxDxH): 730mm x 800mm x 1110mm

  • Weight: 30kg

  • Rating: Trade