Ladder DRAPER 9Rung 4Way Combination Ladder

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Draper 9 Rung 4 Way Combination Ladder

Draper 9 Rung 4 Way Combination Ladder

Manufactured in accordance with EN131

Expert Quality, versatile high quality aluminium ladder that can be used in four positions: straight extension, 'A' frame, 'A' frame with extension and single ladder. Slip-resistant feet on the ladder stabilises position whilst working. Roller guide wheels for easy ladder extension.

Please refer to the HSE Publications 'Work at Height 2005' Regulations and 'Work at Height (Amendment) 2007' Regulations when using ladders/platforms in the workplace (UK only).


  • Dimensions:

  • General:

    • Base width: 900mm
    • Maximum load EN131: 150kg

  • Positions:

  • 'A' Frame:

    • Height: 2320mm
    • Spread: 1680mm

  • 'A' Frame with Extension:
    • Height: 3900mm (max.)
    • Spread: 1680mm

  • Straight Ladder:
    • Height: 5440mm (max.)

  • Single Ladder:
    • Height: 2450mm