Trowels & Floats

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 007 "Brick Jointer 5/8"" x 1/2""" 20WO-61 From £2.99 In Stock
28 "Hawk Plastic 13""x13""" 20WO-28 From £10.49 Out Of Stock
DSC_0122 "Scarifier 25cm 10"" Soft Touch Handle" 20RO-RTR8142 £7.29 In Stock
BLTrowel2 "Trowel Brick 25cm 10"" London Pattern Durasoft Handle" 20RO-M3310D £59.89 In Stock
M19105 "Trowel Brick 26.3cm 10.5"" Phila. Pattern Wood Handle" 20RO-M19105 £54.89 In Stock
M1911D "Trowel Brick 27.9cm 11"" Phila. Pattern Durasoft Handle" 20RO-M1911D £59.89 In Stock
Picture 025 "Trowel Brick 280mm 11"" Soft Grip" 20RO-C8493 £2.99 Out Of Stock
BLTrowel2 "Trowel Brick 30cm 12"" Wide London Pattern Durasoft Handle" 20RO-M3412D £59.89 In Stock
M3412 "Trowel Brick 30cm 12"" Wide London Pattern Wood Handle" 20RO-M3412 £51.89 In Stock
5055 a "Trowel Bucket 18cm 7""" 20WO-5055 From £2.78 In Stock
MBT825R "Trowel Bucket 21cm 8.25""" 20RO-MBT825R £16.88 In Stock
19 "Trowel Bullnose Flooring 16""" 20WO-19 £10.89 In Stock
kdpbl044cl "Trowel Gauging 7"" Soft Grip" 20KD-KDPBL044CL £2.99 In Stock
PTrowel "Trowel Pointing 10cm 4""London Pattern Durasoft Handle" 20RO-M46114D £21.49 In Stock
PTrowel "Trowel Pointing 12.5cm 5""London Pattern Durasoft Handle" 20RO-M46115D £21.49 In Stock
PTrowel "Trowel Pointing 15cm 6""London Pattern" 20RO-M46116D £21.49 In Stock
SmTrowelLeaf "Trowel Small Tool Leaf & Square .625""" 20RO-RTR88E £8.49 In Stock
SmTrowelnSq "Trowel Small Tool Trowel & Square .625""" 20RO-RTR88B £8.49 In Stock
89713 Feather Edge DRAPER 1.2Mtr.x100mm 20DR-89713 £18.89 In Stock
89712 Feather Edge DRAPER 1.8Mtr.x100mm 20DR-89712 £29.89 In Stock