Trowels & Floats

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 007 Brick Jointer 5/8" x 1/2" 20WO-61 From £2.99 In Stock
89713 Feather Edge DRAPER 1.2Mtr.x100mm 20DR-89713 £13.88 In Stock
89712 Feather Edge DRAPER 1.8Mtr.x100mm 20DR-89712 £22.88 In Stock
Picture 016 Float Plastic Large 20WO-27 From £4.99 In Stock
Picture 017 Float Plastic Small 20WO-21 From £3.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 018 Float Wooden 11.5inch 20WO-454 From £6.98 In Stock
Hawk & Float Set H/Duty Plastic 20RO-FFJPHF £5.89 Out Of Stock
BB-TR300 Hawk Aluminium 325x325mm 20BL-BB-TR300 £7.88 In Stock
28 Hawk Plastic 13"x13" 20WO-28 From £9.98 In Stock
26 Hawk Plastic 335x335mm 20WO-5235 From £4.94 In Stock
DSC_0122 Scarifier 25cm 10" Soft Touch Handle 20RO-RTR8142 £5.89 In Stock
KDPBL085 Trowel 50mm Margin Soft Grip 20KD-KDPBL085 £1.49 In Stock
5050 Trowel Brick 250mm 20WO-5050 From £2.99 In Stock
BLTrowel2 Trowel Brick 25cm 10" London Pattern Durasoft Handle 20RO-M3310D £49.88 In Stock
M19105 Trowel Brick 26.3cm 10.5" Phila. Pattern Wood Handle 20RO-M19105 £39.89 In Stock
M1911D Trowel Brick 27.9cm 11" Phila. Pattern Durasoft Handle 20RO-M1911D £49.88 Out Of Stock
Picture 025 Trowel Brick 280mm 11" Soft Grip 20RO-C8493 £1.94 Out Of Stock
BLTrowel2 Trowel Brick 30cm 12" Wide London Pattern Durasoft Handle 20RO-M3412D £45.89 In Stock
M3412 Trowel Brick 30cm 12" Wide London Pattern Wood Handle 20RO-M3412 £39.89 In Stock
Unavailable Trowel Bucket 180mm Soft Grip 20RO-RTR137S £6.49 Out Of Stock