Tool Bags and Organisers

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
KDPTB077# "Tool Bag 12"" Nylon" 20KD-KDPTB077 £3.49 In Stock
KDPTB017 "Tool Bag Hard Base 16"" 28Pocket" 20KD-KDPTB017 £7.99 In Stock
KDPTB016 "Tool Bag Hard Base 22"" 18Pocket" 20KD-KDPTB016 £9.98 Out Of Stock
KDPTB063 20'' HEAVY DUTY CANTILEVER TOOLBOX-CONT "Tool Box Cantilever 20"" Red Heavy Duty Metal" 20KD-KDPTB063 £24.89 In Stock
KDPTB093 "Tool Box Plastic c/w Tote Tray 13""" 20KD-KDPTB093 £2.99 Out Of Stock
KDPTB094 "Tool Box Plastic c/w Tote Tray 16""" 20KD-KDPTB094 £5.78 Out Of Stock
diybox2 "Tool Box Plastic c/w Tote Tray 19"" [+A]" 20BO-DIYBOX2 £8.39 In Stock
KDPTB095 "Tool Box Plastic c/w Tote Tray 19"" [+B]" 20KD-KDPTB095 £8.48 Out Of Stock
KDPTB088-2 "Tool Box Plastic Mobile Double Box 18"" & Tote Tray" 20KD-KDPTB088 £26.89 Out Of Stock
19572 "Tool Box Redline Heavy Duty Rollcap & Top Box 24""" 20DR-19572 £169.89 In Stock
Apron Garden 14 Pocket Heavy Duty Fabric Apron Garden 14 Pocket Heavy Duty Fabric 07BE-10659 £7.99 Out Of Stock
draper-tool-and-nail-holding-apron Nail Pouch Double Deluxe 20DR-72927 £9.95 Out Of Stock
06798 Storage Bins Stacking & Wall Mountable 24Pce. 20DR-06798 £32.89 In Stock
BAG Tool Bag 16" Wide Mouth Tubular Handle 20NT-68382C £12.98 In Stock
6524 a Tool Bag Craftsman 24Pocket 20WO-6524 From £9.98 Out Of Stock
02984 Tool Bag DRAPER 14 Pocket Bucket Pattern 20DR-02984 £10.99 In Stock
31593 Tool Bag DRAPER 26Ltr. 20DR-31593 £24.89 In Stock
35570 Tool Bag DRAPER 28Ltr. 440mm Hard Base 19Pocket 20DR-35570 £21.89 In Stock
31595 Tool Bag DRAPER 45Ltr. Folding Tote 20DR-31595 £34.89 In Stock
40754 Tool Bag DRAPER 58Ltr. 550mm Hard Base Wheels 20DR-40754 £57.89 Out Of Stock