Tiling Tools and Accessories

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
KDPDC082 Blade 6" For Tile/Rod Saw Hole Ended 20KD-KDPDC082 From £1.50 In Stock
Picture 015 Blade 6" For Tile/Rod Saw Pin Ended 20LI-TT1040 From £1.60 In Stock
Picture 013 Blades For Grout Rake H.Duty ? 20LI-M From £0.60 In Stock
Picture 379 Float Tiling Plastic 20LI-TT4010B From £1.85 In Stock
Picture 046 Grout Rake Heavy Duty 20LI-TT2510B From £2.00 In Stock
49417 Tile & Glass Cutter & Snapper DRAPER 200mm 20DR-49417 £5.89 In Stock
24693 Tile Cutter DRAPER 3in1 20DR-24693 £34.88 Out Of Stock
Picture 140 Tile Cutter TC Tip 20LI-TT1510B From £0.80 In Stock
18060 Tile Cutter TCT 140mm D 20DR-18060 £3.74 Out Of Stock
50621 Tile Cutting Pliers DRAPER 200mm 20DR-50621 £7.49 In Stock
Picture 142 Tile Grouter & Adhesive Spreader 20LI-TT5010B From £1.10 In Stock
DSC_0015 Tile Spacers ?mm x D 20WO-2162 £1.99 In Stock
83112 Tile Spacers 2mm x250 20DR-83112 £1.99 In Stock
82757 Tile Spacers 3mm x250 20DR-82757 £2.29 In Stock
82758 Tile Spacers 5mm x250 20DR-82758 £2.59 In Stock
83374 Tile Spacers 6mm x250 20DR-83374 £2.69 In Stock
82760 Tile Spacers 8mm x150 20DR-82760 £2.29 In Stock