Staple Guns & Staples

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
2170 Staple/Nail Gun Heavy Duty 20WO-2170 £9.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 034 Staple/Nail T 10mmx2K H.Duty (T50) 09WO-2186 From £1.65 In Stock
Picture 040 Staples Square 10mmx1K H.Duty (T50) 09WO-2180 From £1.20 Out Of Stock
Picture 042 Staples Square 12mmX1K H.Duty (T50) 09WO-2182 From £1.20 Out Of Stock
Picture 036 Staples U 12mmx1K H.Duty (T50) 09WO-2184 From £1.20 In Stock
Picture 062 Staples 8mmx500 for Light Duty Gun 09BL-BB-ST102 £0.95 In Stock
Picture 446 Tack Lifter H.Duty 20WO-990 From £1.50 In Stock
2178 Staples Square 8mmx1K H.Duty (T50) 09WO-2178 From £1.20 Out Of Stock
arrow-t25-multipurpose-wire-tacker Staple Gun ARROW T25 for Low Voltage Wiring 20RO-AT25 £39.89 In Stock
AT50 Staple Gun ARROW T50 Heavy Duty 20RO-AT50 £31.49 Out Of Stock
arrow-et501-2-in-1-staple-nail-gun Staple & Nail Gun ARROW Electric ET501 20RO-AET501 £32.89 In Stock
arrow-jt21-staples-1-4-6mm Staples ARROW JT21 6mm 1/4" x1000 20RO-A214 £1.99 In Stock
arrow-bn1810-15mm-brown-head-brad-nails Nail Brad Steel ARROW Brown Head 15mm 5/8" x1000 20RO-ABN1810 £2.99 In Stock
arrow-bn1812b-20mm-brown-head-brad-nails Nail Brad Steel ARROW Brown Head 20mm 3/4" x2000 20RO-ABN1812B £5.89 In Stock
arrow-bn1816b-25mm-brown-head-brad-nails-1 Nail Brad Steel ARROW Brown Head 25mm 1" x2000 20RO-ABN1816B £6.29 In Stock
arrow-bn1816w-25mm-white-head-brad-nails Nail Brad Steel ARROW White Head 25mm 1" x2000 20RO-ABN1816W £6.29 In Stock
abn1820 Nail Brad Steel ARROW 32mm 1 1/4" x1000 20RO-ABN1820 £4.79 In Stock
1824 Nail Brad Steel ARROW 38mm 1 1/2" x1000 20RO-ABN1824 £4.99 In Stock
2123 Nail Brad Steel ARROW 50mm 1 2" x1000 20RO-ABN1832 £5.99 In Stock
arrow-t50-staples-1-4-6mm-stainless-steel Staples ARROW T50 SS 6mm 1/4" x1000 20RO-A504SSI £7.28 In Stock