Adjustable Wrenches

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
adjw10 Eclipse Adjustable Wrench - Various Sizes
Picture 070 Wrench Adj. 15" Chrome Plated 20WO-704(D) From £6.00 In Stock
Wrench Adj. 18" Chrome Plated 20WO-705(D) £17.99 Out Of Stock
KDPSP041 4'' ADJUSTABLE SPANNER Wrench Adjustable 100mm 4" 20KD-KDPSP041 £1.99 In Stock
52848 Wrench Adjustable 100mm 4" Chem. Blacked 20DR-52848 £5.99 In Stock
16360 Wrench Adjustable 150mm Deluxe P.grip 20BE-1636 £2.48 In Stock
16370 Wrench Adjustable 200mm Deluxe P.grip 20BE-16370 £3.89 Out Of Stock
BB-WR103 Wrench Adjustable 300mm Deluxe P.grip 20BL-BB-WR103 £7.49 In Stock
KDPSP046 Wrench Adjustable 375mm 15" 20KD-KDPSP046 £7.99 In Stock
I99XS6 Wrench Adjustable IREGA 150mm 6" Slim S.Grip EXTRA Wide 20RO-I99XS6 £25.88 In Stock
IET99WCBE12 Wrench Adjustable IREGA 150mm 6" Soft Grip EXTRA Wide 20RO-ISW099CBE6 £22.88 In Stock
Wrench Adjustable IREGA 200mm 8" Slim S.Grip EXTRA Wide 20RO-I99XS8 £27.49 In Stock
SWO99-8 Wrench Adjustable IREGA 200mm 8" Soft Grip EXTRA Wide 20RO-ISW099CBE8 £23.89 In Stock
s7053 Wrench Adjustable Mini 20PR-S7053 £2.99 In Stock
67632 Wrench Adjustable REDLINE 250mm Soft Grip 20DR-67632 £6.89 In Stock
67633 Wrench Adjustable REDLINE 300mm Soft Grip 20DR-67633 £9.98 In Stock
Wrench Basin Adj. Head 279mm 11" 20WO-744 £6.89 Out Of Stock
CRECX6DBM2 Wrench CRESCENT X6 Type 8>19mm Multi Purpose Spanner 20GA-CRECX6DBM2 £27.89 In Stock
KDPAB009 Wrench Fixed for Angle Grinders 2 Pin 20KD-KDPAB009 £0.98 In Stock
715 PACKAGED Wrench Stillson Pipe RED - Various Sizes
Wrench Stillson Pipe RED 25cm/10" 20WO-715 £6.98 Out Of Stock
Wrench Stillson Pipe RED 30cm/12" 20WO-716 £7.99 In Stock
Wrench Stillson Pipe RED 35cm/14" 20WO-717 £8.99 In Stock
Wrench Stillson Pipe RED 40cm/18" 20WO-718 £12.89 In Stock
Wrench Stillson Pipe RED 60cm/24" 20WO-719 £22.88 In Stock