Description Stock Code Price Quantity
6462106 CP185 SANDER/POLISHER 20CL-6462106 £68.12 Out Of Stock
ds20e Sander EINHELL RED Triangular 200Watt 20EI-TE-DS20E £25.88 In Stock
23036 Sander Belt 230Volt 75mm 900Watt 20DR-23036 £54.89 Out Of Stock
23039 Sander DRAPER Triangular Palm 130Watt [+A] 20DR-23039 £22.88 Out Of Stock
23040 Sander DRAPER Triangular 180Watt 20DR-23040 £27.89 In Stock
23045 Sander DRAPER 1/2 Sheet 300Watt Orbital 20DR-23045 £29.89 In Stock
41458 Sander DRAPER Expert Palm Random Orbital 230Watt [+A] 20DR-41458 £35.89 Out Of Stock
41463 Drill Draper EXPERT Keyless Hammer 1050Watt 20DR-41463 £87.89 In Stock
83639 Sander DRAPER Expert Palm Random Orbital 230Watt [+B] 20DR-83639 £38.89 Out Of Stock
83641 Sander DRAPER StormForce 1/4 Sheet Orbital 220Watt 20DR-83641 £41.89 Out Of Stock
83643 Sander DRAPER StormForce 1/2 Sheet Orbital 300Watt 20DR-83643 £56.89 Out Of Stock
89522 Sander Palm R.Orb. DRAPER S/F I/C 20Volt Li Ion Naked! 20DR-89522 £36.89 In Stock
83645 Sander DRAPER Triangular Palm 130Watt [+B] 20DR-83645 £24.89 In Stock
83644 Sander DRAPER StormForce Triangular 180Watt 20DR-83644 £25.88 Out Of Stock
58097 "Sander DRAPER Random Orbital 430Watt 125mm 5""" 20DR-58097 £36.89 In Stock
57681 Sander DRAPER Triangular Palm 220Watt 20DR-57681 £27.89 In Stock
56490 Sander DRAPER Mini Belt 400Watt PowrFile Var. Speed 20DR-56490 £57.89 In Stock
da19 Sander EINHELL Triangular 190Watt 20EI-TC-DS19 £22.88 In Stock
rs40e Sander EINHELL RED Random Orbital 400Watt 20EI-TE-RS40E £52.88 In Stock
os1520-1 Sander EINHELL RED Orbital 150Watt 1/3Sheet Sanding 20EI-TC-OS1520/1 £22.88 Out Of Stock