Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 048 Angle Grinder 110Volt 115mm 900Watt 20DR-45811 £29.99 In Stock
Picture 051 Angle Grinder 110Volt 230mm 2100Watt 20DR-45814 £39.98 Out Of Stock
89763 Angle Grinder 230Volt 115mm 630Watt 20DR-89763 £29.99 Out Of Stock
53099 Angle Grinder 230Volt 115mm 650Watt 20DR-53099 £28.88 In Stock
41453 Angle Grinder 230Volt 115mm 900Watt 20DR-41453 £54.89 Out Of Stock
89764 Angle Grinder 230Volt 115mm 910Watt 20DR-89764 £36.98 Out Of Stock
20505 Angle Grinder 230Volt 230mm 2100Watt 20DR-20505 £56.89 In Stock
ag18li Angle Grinder Cordless EINHELL RED Shell Only 20EI-TE-AG18LI £39.89 Out Of Stock
51747 Angle Grinder DRAPER 115mm 500Watt 20DR-51747 £23.89 In Stock
83593 Angle Grinder DRAPER 115mm 830Watt StormForce 20DR-83593 £35.89 In Stock
56488 Angle Grinder DRAPER 115mm 950Watt 20DR-56488 £34.89 In Stock
83592 Angle Grinder DRAPER 230Volt 115mm 630Watt StormForce 20DR-83592 £33.89 Out Of Stock
83594 Angle Grinder DRAPER S/F 230Volt 230mm 2000Watt 20DR-83594 £67.88 In Stock
89521 Angle Grinder DRAPER S/F I/C 20Volt Li Ion Naked! 20DR-89521 £46.89 In Stock
Angle Grinder DRAPER S/Force 115&230mm + Diamond Discs Angle Grinder DRAPER S/Force 115&230mm + Diamond Discs 20DR-98520 £79.99 In Stock
ag115 Angle Grinder EINHELL 500Watt 115mm 4 1/2" 20EI-TC-AG115 £22.88 In Stock
ag230 Angle Grinder EINHELL RED 2300Watt 230mm 9" 20EI-RT-AG230/2000 £76.88 Out Of Stock
ag115 Angle Grinder EINHELL RED 600Watt 115mm 4 1/2" [+B] D 20EI-TE-AG115/600 £31.88 In Stock
54956 Wall Chaser Draper 1350Watt 20DR-54956 £129.89 In Stock