Hose Flexible Clear for Dust Extractor Per Mtr. - Various Sizes

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Transparent dust extractor hose.

We have now upgraded to a Polyurethane product which is 5 times stronger than the traditional PVC.

Its transparency enables blockages to be quickly identified and cleared. The hose has a steel wire helix to keep its strength and shape.

Please note; The hose will be compressed during shipping. When unpacking hose please stretch it back to full length and allow it to relax for a while before confirming the length. The hose is measured in a fully stretched position

Available In:

  • 38mm (1 1/2")

  • 50mm (2")

  • 65mm (2.5")

  • 75mm (3")

  • 100mm (4")

  • 125mm (5")

  • 150mm (6")