Sanders and Polishers

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
58013 Air Angle Polisher DRAPER 175mm Disc 20DR-58013 £79.88 In Stock
22321 Air Angle Sander DRAPER 175mm Disc 20DR-22321 £94.88 Out Of Stock
52605 Air Belt Sander DRAPER 20DR-52605 £89.89 Out Of Stock
61025 Air Belt Sander DRAPER Compact 20DR-61025 £129.89 In Stock
22415 Air Orbital Sander DRAPER 150mm Oil Free 20DR-22415 £129.89 In Stock
47616 Air Polisher Kit DRAPER 75mm Mini 20DR-47616 £92.89 In Stock
83942 Air Sander DRAPER 150mm Dual Action 20DR-83942 £34.69 In Stock
28832 Air Sander DRAPER 150mm Dual Action [+A] 20DR-28832 £99.89 In Stock
47622 Air Sander DRAPER 150mm Dual Action [+B] 20DR-47622 £159.89 In Stock
56092 Air Sander DRAPER 150mm Dual Action [+C] 20DR-56092 £39.89 In Stock
84125 Air Sander DRAPER 150mm Palm 20DR-84125 £43.88 In Stock
84123 Air Sander DRAPER Belt 10x330mm 20DR-84123 £41.89 In Stock
19897 Air Sander DRAPER Oribtal Jitterbug 20DR-19897 £38.89 In Stock
65059 Air Sander DRAPER StormForce 2" 20DR-65059 £35.89 In Stock
65069 Air Sander DRAPER StormForce 3" Composite Body 20DR-65069 £32.89 In Stock
65084 Air Sander DRAPER StormForce 5" Composite Body 20DR-65084 £59.89 In Stock
47617 Air Sander Kit DRAPER Mini Dual Action 50 & 75mm 20DR-47617 £94.88 In Stock