"Belt & Disc Sander 4"" Belt 8"" Disc 100x915mm & 150mm+DE"

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Charnwood Belt and Disc Sander

Charnwood Belt and Disc Sander

This combination belt & disc sander is actually a 2 in 1 machine as it also features a built in dust collector.

  • 500w Quiet Induction Motor

  • 8" Diameter Sanding Disc

  • 4" x 36" Sanding Belt

  • Vertical or Horizontal Use

  • 2 Tilting Work Tables With Mitre Guide

  • Powered Dust Collection Fan

  • Dust Collection Bag

This heavy duty bench top sander has a cast iron base with extended legs for increased stability. It sits on 4 rubber feet or can be secured to a work bench using the 4 mounting points provided.

The design has been updated and simplified from the traditional belt driven sander. Both the belt & disc functions are powered directly from the motor shaft.

The disc sander side has a 200mm diameter disc complimented by an aluminium work table with 45 degree tilt, secured on both sides. The mitre guide fits into a T slot in the work table allowing the disc to be used for accurate sanding of square edges as well as bevels, mitres and even compound angles.

The sanding belt can be used in horizontal or vertical mode. It can also be locked at an angle in between, sometimes more comfortable when using it for sharpening tools. The sanding belt has a dedicated work table with tilt function and a T slot for the mitre guide.

The open drum end of the belt can be used for sanding curved edges, cut on a bandsaw or scroll saw.

When the time comes to replace the sanding belt there is a quick release tension lever and tracking adjustment to balance the new belt.

The unique feature on this machine is the inclusion of the dust collector. Sitting underneath the sanding belt, is a powered fan which creates a powerful airflow to extract the dust from both the disc and the belt. The dust is collected in a bag which has a quick release clamp for fast removal and a zip for emptying.

Supplied with 1 x 80 grit sanding belt, 1 x 80 grit self adhesive sanding disc, dust bag, 1.8m power cable and UK 3 pin plug.


  • Disc Diameter: 200mm (8”)

  • Disc Speed: 2850rpm

  • Disc Work Table: 265mm x 150mm

  • Disc Work Table T Slot: 16mm / 20mm

  • Table Tilt: 90 – 45 degrees

  • Belt Size: 100mm x 915mm (4” x 36”)

  • Belt Speed: 550m/min

  • Belt Work Table: 170mm x 130mm

  • Belt Work Table T Slot: 16mm / 20mm

  • Table Tilt: 90 – 45 degrees

  • Motor (Induction): 240v, 50hz 500w (0.67hp)

  • Dust Extraction Outlet: 63mm OD, 58mm ID

  • Overall Dimensions (WxDxH): 570mm x 600mm x 370mm

  • Shipping Dimensions: 590mm x 520mm x 380mm

  • Weight: 23kg

  • Rating: Hobby

If you would prefer to connect this machine to your own dust extractor, use our adapter 100/58RC to convert it to 100mm diameter.

We recommend wearing a face mask or respirator during all sanding operations, even if a dust extraction system is in place. Don't take chances with your health.