Dust Extractor DRAPER 153Ltr.

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Draper 153L Dust Extractor

Draper 153L Dust Extractor


  • Featuring a powerful 1500W motor capable of extracting small and larger particles or fragments

  • Suitable for attachment to most static workshop machines including bandsaws, table saws, scroll saws, planers and sanders

  • Manufactured with a no-volt switch and attached to a base trolley fitted with four swivel castors providing easy manoeuvrability

  • Each extractor is fitted with BS non-rewireable moulded plug and 1.8M (approx) of cable

  • Supplied with a 5-micron canvas filter bag, a transparent collection bag


  • Motor: 1500W

  • Input amperage: 13A

  • Air flow: 42m³/min

  • Filtration: 5 micron (bag type)

  • Outlet: 100mm x 2

  • Bag: 500mm diameter x 850mm height

  • Capacity: 153L

  • Weight: 47kg