Door Bells and Door Entry Systems

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
UDB1 "Bell Underdome 3""" 05DE-UDB1 £5.89 Out Of Stock
350.042UK Alarm Chime Mini PIR Req.2xAAA 05AV-350.042UK £9.89 In Stock
F601 Alarm Chime Mini PIR Sensor Req. 1xPP3 05EL-F601 From £11.14 In Stock
f602a Alarm Door Stop 120dB Req. 1xPP3 05EL-F602A £3.98 Out Of Stock
BPWB Bell Push Black/White 05DE-BPWB £1.99 In Stock
Picture 013 Bell Push Black/White Illuminated 05DE-BPLWB £2.49 In Stock
DC006 Chime PIR Wireless & Portable 36 Melody <100Mtr.2xAAReq. 05ML-DC006 £23.89 In Stock
B7013WH Chime Wireless & Portable 32 Sound & Strobe 05LL-B7013WH £17.99 In Stock
Picture 041 Chime Wireless & Portable 32 Sound & Strobe & Thermometer 05LL-B7025WH £23.75 In Stock
DC001 Chime Wireless & Portable 36 Melody <200Mtr. 2xAAReq. 05ML-DC001 £18.89 In Stock
Chime Wireless & Portable 38 Melody &LED<100Mtr.2xAAReq. Chime Wireless & Portable 38 Melody &LED<100Mtr.2xAAReq. 05SK-350.298UK £13.89 In Stock Chime Wireless 2xAA & 1xA23 Req. D 05AV-401.195UK £9.98 Out Of Stock
DC007 Chime Wireless Plug In 2 Bell Push Dual Melody <100Mtr. 05ML-DC007 £19.88 In Stock
DC003 Chime Wireless Plug In 36 Melody <80Mtr. 05ML-DC003 £19.88 In Stock
41010 Chime Wireless Plug-in 16 Melody 05BE-41010 £14.99 In Stock
P152E Chime with Intercom 05EL-P152E £10.88 In Stock
Picture 015 Chime With Transformer 05DE-TCWH £15.98 In Stock
1 Door Entry System 2Way Wired 05AV-350.010UK From £23.18 Out Of Stock
2 Door Entry System 2Way Wireless Digital 05AV-350.001UK £99.89 In Stock
3 Door Entry Video System Colour D 05AV-350.004UK £199.94 In Stock