Description Stock Code Price Quantity
1250dstczx Connector Timber M12x50 BZP Dog Tooth 09CO-1250DSTCZX From £0.18 In Stock
620cwhclrx Roofing Cap Washer Hinged Clear 09CO-620CWHCLRX From £0.06 Out Of Stock
258H Screw Cap & Cover Screw Brown 6 & 8 09HI-258H From £0.02 In Stock
Screw Cap & Cover Screw White 6 & 8 09LU-F9961 From £0.02 In Stock
245 Screw Cap No.2 Pozi Various Sizes
Screw Cap No.2 Pozi White 09HI-245W From £0.01 In Stock
Screw Cap No.2 Pozi Li. Brown 09HI-245CB From £0.01 In Stock
Screw Cap No.2 Pozi Dk. Brown 09HI-245DB From £0.01 In Stock
KDPHW175 - 125PC TAP RINGS Washer Assortment for Taps 125Pce in Divided Box 09KD-KDPHW175 £2.49 In Stock
4fawbrx Washer Brass M 4 Form A 09CO-4FAWBRX From £0.02 In Stock
6fawbrx Washer Brass M 6 Form A 09CO-6FAWBRX From £0.03 In Stock
8fawbrx Washer Brass M 8 Form A 09CO-8FAWBRX From £0.05 In Stock
10fawbrx Washer Brass M10 Form A 09CO-10FAWBRX From £0.15 In Stock
form a brass Washer Brass M12 Form A 09CO-12FAWBRX From £0.19 In Stock
709H "Washer Cistern 13mm(1/2"")" 09HI-709H From £0.04 In Stock
KDPHW180 Washer Copper SOLID Assortment x140 in Case 09KD-KDPHW180 £7.49 In Stock
KDPHW190 Washer Fibre Assortment x600 in Case 09KD-KDPHW190 £4.99 In Stock
625rwzx Washer Repair M 6x25x1.5mm BZP 09CO-625RWZX From £0.02 In Stock
1030rwzx Washer Repair M10x30x1.5mm BZP 09CO-1030RWZX From £0.03 In Stock
1030rwzx Washer Repair M10x50x1.5mm BZP 09CO-W1050RWZX From £0.10 Out Of Stock
1230rwzx Washer Repair M12x30x1.5mm BZP 09CO-1230RWZX From £0.03 In Stock
1250rwzxz Washer Repair M12x50x1.5mm BZP 09CO-1250RWZX From £0.08 In Stock
SCW6B Washer Screw Cup Brass No. 6(10s) 09FO-SCW6B From £0.30 In Stock