Dust Masks

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
3plymask PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 20WA-WSM3PLY From £0.25 In Stock
24958_FM1 Dust Mask DRAPER Aluminium & 2 Pads 20DR-24958 £4.99 In Stock
18058_FM2-O4N Dust Mask DRAPER Comfort 5 Filters & Face Cloth 20DR-18058 £5.99 In Stock
88628 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 20DR-88628 £5.45 Out Of Stock
13501_GVDRHM-2 Respirator Filter x2 20DR-13501 £12.98 Out Of Stock
BB-DM102 Dust Mask Set of 6 20BL-BB-DM102 From £0.50 Out Of Stock
82484 FFP2 DUST MASK FOR WELDING PK3 20DR-82484 £4.79 Out Of Stock
82485 FFP2 DUST MASK WELDING BOX 10 20DR-82485 £10.10 Out Of Stock
KDPSF007-3 Dust Mask Deluxe FFP3 Valved 20KD-KDPSF007 £4.99 Out Of Stock
03021 Dust & Vapour Respirator Twin Filter Medical Grade PVC 20DR-03021 £27.38 In Stock
03030 Respirator Filter x2 for DRAPER 03021 20DR-03030 £15.98 In Stock
black-1pc Mask Cotton Black 20NT-BLACK-1PC £0.98 In Stock
KN95-COT Mask Cotton Vented KN95 20NT-KN95-COT £2.48 In Stock
3ply Surgical Mask 3Ply CE 20NT-3PLY-NUUR From £0.25 In Stock
black-1pc-va Mask Vented Ass. Colours 20NT-BLACK-1PC-VA £1.99 Out Of Stock
IMG_20201214_094605 Face Shield WARRIOR Clear Screen 20CH-WAFSC19 £1.49 In Stock
BB-DM104 Dust Mask Set x10 20BL-BB-DM104 £1.49 Out Of Stock