Rats and Mice

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 010 Mouse & Rat Repeller Electric Twin Speaker 07RE-MRRELEC £9.95 In Stock
psmksbs Mouse Bait Station Pre-Baited 07PR-PSMKSBS £4.94 In Stock
main_mouse-killer-indoor-bait-box-single_twin Mouse Killer Bait Box RENTOKIL 07RE-PSM81 £8.99 In Stock
psemk Mouse Killer Electronic 07PR-PSEMK £29.95 In Stock
psm21 Mouse Killer Grain Bait RENTOKIL 5Sachet 07RE-PSM21 £3.99 In Stock
psf135 Mouse Killer RENTOKIL Fast Action 5Gm. X2 07RE-PSF135 £7.99 In Stock
Mouse Killer Sachets 10Gm. X15 07PR-PSSA04 £5.95 In Stock
Mouse Killer with CRC RENTOKIL 150g 07RE-PSM70 £3.44 Out Of Stock
psamt Mouse Trap ADVANCED x2 07PR-PSAMT £6.95 Out Of Stock
pspamt Mouse Trap AUTOMATIC Metal <15 Mice 07PR-PSPAMT £13.94 Out Of Stock
mouse traps Mouse Trap DEADFAST Live Catch x2 07WE-20300401 £4.99 In Stock
psesmt Mouse Trap Easy Setting Metal 07PR-PSESMT £1.75 In Stock
pslnmb Mouse Trap LITTLE NIPPER x2 07PR-PSLNMB £1.99 Out Of Stock
fm101 Mouse Trap RENTOKIL Advanced 07RE-FM101 £5.78 In Stock
Mouse Trap RENTOKIL Live Catch 07RE-PSL88 £5.99 In Stock
psw107 Mouse Trap RENTOKIL Wooden x2 07RE-PSW107 £2.48 In Stock
PSSTMB Mouse Trap SNAP-TRAP Pre Baited 07PR-PSSTMB £2.95 In Stock
pstt Mouse Trap TRIP-TRAP 07PR-PSTT £3.95 Out Of Stock
ps3010 Pest Repeller 07PR-PS3010 £42.95 In Stock
ps2000 Pest Stop 2000 Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic 07PR-PS2000 £29.89 Out Of Stock