Insects and Spiders

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
fi65 Insect Fogger RENTOKIL 2x11Gm. 07RE-FI65 £8.99 In Stock
bop Insect Killer BOP Flying or Crawling 40oml Insecticide 07MC-40048181 £1.49 Out Of Stock
IK112 Insect Killer Electric 2x 6Watt 07BL-BB-IK112 £17.89 In Stock
IK110 Insect Killer Electric 2x10Watt 07BL-BB-IK110 £21.49 In Stock
ik118 Insect Killer Electric 2x20Watt 07BL-BB-IK118 £28.88 In Stock
Insect Killer Electric 3Watt Insect Killer Electric 3Watt 07BE-40489 £7.49 In Stock
Picture 001 Insect Killer Electronic Swotter / Zapper [+B] 07BO-PEST12 £2.99 In Stock
BB-IK101 Insect Killer Electronic Swotter / Zapper Req. 2xAA 07BL-BB-IK101 £2.59 In Stock
psi36 Insect Killer RENTOKIL Insectrol 250ml Aero. 07RE-PSI36 £5.48 In Stock
fp05 Insect Trap RENTOKIL Plant Label Shaped 07RE-FP05 £2.89 In Stock
pssbv Insect Vacuum 07PR-PSSBV £8.99 Out Of Stock
PEST22 Insect Vacuum 1xPP3 Req. 07BO-PEST22 £6.89 In Stock
Picture 185 Mosquito Repeller Compact 07LL-AA0191 £2.99 In Stock
Picture 182 Mosquito Repeller Desk Top 3 Frequency 07LL-AA0192 £5.99 In Stock
psc49 Moth (Carpet) & Beetle Killer RENTOKIL 150Gm. 07RE-PSC49 £4.99 In Stock
moth balls Moth Killer Balls RENTOKIL 130Gm. 07RE-PSM97 £4.49 In Stock
fm95 Moth Killer Cassette for Clothes RENTOKIL Twin Pack 07RE-FM95 £4.39 In Stock
Picture 178 Moth Repellant Herbal x10 07PR-PSHMR £4.99 Out Of Stock
ps2000 Pest Stop 2000 Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic 07PR-PS2000 £29.89 Out Of Stock
ps3000 Pest Stop 3000 Pro Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic 07PR-PS3000 £59.95 In Stock