Insects and Spiders

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PS0009 Ant & Crawling Insect Killer 1L Ant & Crawling Insect Killer PEST SHIELD 1Ltr. Trigger D 0715-PS0009 £1.99 Out Of Stock
PS0006A Ant & Crawling Insect Killer PEST SHIELD 300Gm Aero. 0715-PS0006A £0.98 In Stock
FZRM1113J Ant & Crawling Insect Killer TERMIN8 Powder D 07WE-FZRM113J £4.49 Out Of Stock
DSC_0064 Ant & Crawling Insect Powder ACTIVE 300Gm. Powder 07TH-000025 £1.99 Out Of Stock
psA135P Ant & Insect Killer Powder RENTOKIL 300Gm. 07RE-PSA135P £4.79 Out Of Stock
abs Ant Bait Station LITTLE SUCKER x3 D 07BO-ABS £1.79 In Stock
DSC_0063 Ant Bait Trap ACTIVE 07TH-000028 £1.99 Out Of Stock
IMG_20180508_125603 Ant Glue Traps x3 D 07CK-BJ0060 £1.99 In Stock
ant gel Ant Killer Gel RENTOKIL Twin Pack 2x6Gm. 07RE-FA135A £3.79 In Stock
PS0004C Ant Killer Powder PEST SHIELD 240Gm. 0715-PS0004C £0.98 In Stock
scotts Ant Killer SCOTTS 800ml Trigger D 07CK-758970 £3.79 Out Of Stock
hy0007 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 0715-HY0007 £0.98 Out Of Stock
PS0005A Fly & Wasp Killer PEST SHIELD 300Gm Aero. 0715-PS0005A £0.98 In Stock
psf126 Fly & Wasp Killer RENTOKIL 300Gm Aero. 07RE-PSF126 £2.78 Out Of Stock
1 Fly Catcher Papers x6 07BO-PEST10 £0.98 Out Of Stock
ffl10 Fly Killer Cassette Unit RENTOKIL 07RE-FFL10 £2.99 In Stock
Fly Swot Extending Telescopic Handle [+] 07BL-BB-FS095 £0.98 In Stock
hh5529a Fly Swot Extending Telescopic Handle [+] 07SI-HH5529A £0.98 In Stock
Picture 316 Fly Swotter Swats! X4 07BO-PEST11 £0.98 In Stock
ps0036 Flying Insect Killer PEST SHIELD Lavendar Scented 0715-PS0036B £0.98 In Stock