Pest Stop 2000 Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic D

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Our best-selling electronic pest repeller which covers the whole house (up to 2000 sq.ft.). The Pest-Stop 2000 has been sold in the UK since 1999 (previously as the PestClear 2000), and is effective against mice, rats, squirrels, ants and most other crawling insects.

This unit is equipped with two pest repelling functions:

  1. Ultrasonic waves, which cause auditory stress to pests in the room where the unit is positioned. Ultrasound does not penetrate walls or other solid objects, and is best positioned with an unobstructed ‘view’ of the target area.
  2. Dual electromagnetic settings to drive pests out from their nesting places in wall and ceiling spaces.

Fluctuating ultrasonic waves cause auditory stress to mice, rats, squirrels, ants and most crawling insects, which disrupt their normal behaviour patterns and makes it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same room as the Pest-Stop 2000.

The electromagnetic function uses every electrical cable in the building to carry and transmit a signal, which can be detected by the pests up to 1 metre from any cable, even inside wall and ceiling spaces.

Direct plug-in design – use almost anywhere in the home.
Safe and effective – no chemicals or traps.
Will not affect humans, cats, dogs, fish or birds.