Leather Rejuvenating Balm 250ml - Various Colours

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Rustins 250ml Leather Rejuvenating Balm - Various Colours

Rustins 250ml Leather Rejuvenating Balm - Rustins Leather Re-Colouring BalmĀ­ restores the colour to faded and worn leather by simply rubbing in with a soft cloth. It is suitable for use on all leathers except Suede and NuBuck. Rustins Leather Re-Colouring Balm renovates the colour and aspect of old and new leather. It works great at re-colouring areas that have been exposed to sunlight or direct heat, and is ideal for colouring cat scratches and re-colouring worn, dry and faded areas.

Available in:

  • Black

  • Cream

  • Dark Brown