Washing Machine Camping PORTAWASH PLUS <3.5Kg 280Watt

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Streetwize Portawash Plus 280w <3.5kg Portable Washing Machine

Streetwize Portawash Plus 280w <3.5kg Portable Washing Machine

This energy efficient twin tub gravity drain washing machine is portable and lightweight. It is mains operated and it is ideal for people who go caravanning, camping and boating. This twin tub washing machine is also suitable for home emergencies and for people who live in student accommodation.

This appliance has been specially designed for washing smalls and light garments. It has two wash settings, gentle for washing sports wear and normal for washing polyester and cotton fabrics.

The wash drum provides a washing power of up to 280w and a wash capacity of 3.5kg. The spin drum provides a spin capacity of 4.5kg and spinning power of 116w.

*IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ - This washing machine is a gravity drain washing machine. It is does NOT come with a pump. When using this washing machine, it needs to be used near drain so that the unit's draining pipe can disperse water.


  • Ergonomically designed carry handles for ease of transportation

  • Maximum wash time: 15 minutes

  • Maximum spin time: 5 minutes

  • Wash Capacity: 3.5kg

  • Spinning Capacity: 2.5kg

  • Washing Power: 280w

  • Spinning Power: 140w