Description Stock Code Price Quantity
ssb1 Pet Bowl 25cm SS Non Slip Base D 03BO-SSB1 £1.79 Out Of Stock
ssb6 Pet Bowl Double Diner SS Non Slip D 03BO-SSB6 £3.49 In Stock
pcg02 Pet Grooming Brush 23cm Double Sided D 03BO-PCG02 £1.49 In Stock
pca03 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 03BO-PCA03 £0.98 Out Of Stock
31810 Dog Lead 5Mtr. Auto Retract 0>5Mtr. 20Kg 03BE-31810 £4.99 In Stock
MC0051 Dog Food MUNCH&CRUNCH Serrano Ham Bone 100Gm. Pouch 0315-MC0051 £0.98 Out Of Stock
MC0042A new Dog Food MUNCH&CRUNCH Tripe Stix 100Gm. Pouch 0315-MC0042B £0.98 In Stock
PG1006 Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo Mock Up Dog Shampoo PRIDE & GROOM Anti Flea & Tick 400ml Bottle 0315-PG1006 £0.98 Out Of Stock
PG1008 Medicated Dog Shampoo Mock Up Dog Shampoo PRIDE & GROOM Medicated 400ml Bottle 0315-PG1008 £0.98 In Stock
PG1007 Puppy Dog Shampoo Mock Up Dog Shampoo PRIDE & GROOM Mild & Gentle 400ml Bottle 0315-PG1007 £0.98 In Stock
PAP006A Doggy Bags PETS PLAY Heavy Duty x200 0315-PAP006A £0.98 In Stock
MC0131 Dog Food MUNCH&CRUNCH Dental Sticks 7pk 0315-MC0131 £0.98 In Stock
90710 Pet Grooming Comb Professional 03BE-90710 £1.99 In Stock
pe0153a Pet Travel Bowl 210mm Diameter 03SI-PE0153A £0.98 In Stock
pe0169a Pet Balls x3 03SI-PE0169A £0.98 In Stock
pet bowl Pet Bowl 19cm Plastic Assorted Colours 03SI-PE0462 £0.98 In Stock
pe0520 Dog Harness Reflective 03SI-PE0520 £1.99 In Stock
pe0523 Pet Flashing Safety Light 03SI-PE0523 £0.98 In Stock
pe094 Pet Bowl 16cm Ceramic Cat 03SI-PE094 £2.48 In Stock
pe096 Pet Ball Thrower 35cm 03SI-PE096 £0.98 In Stock