Miscellaneous Housewares

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
"Wadding Polyester 27"" 6oz 26mm per Mtr." 06PR-WP27 From £1.81 Out Of Stock
"Wadding Polyester 54"" 6oz 26mm per Mtr." 06PR-WP54 From £3.45 Out Of Stock
hw0897 Ash Tray Indoor & Out 2 Part 10x8cm 08SI-HW0897 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 001 Ash Tray SS x2 08BE-6465 £1.45 In Stock
Bag Shopping Folding Envirotrend SAKit D 08GL-SAKBAG £0.98 In Stock
Bag Shopping MINIONS BOB Cotton 08GL-164182 £0.49 In Stock
DB403 Bag Space Saver for Travelling 70x50cm x2 08BL-BB-DB403 £1.49 In Stock
Bath Salts TARA Dead Sea 500Gm. Packet 03DR-BSPTADS125 £0.89 In Stock
Bath Salts TARA Himalayan Pink 500Gm. Packet 03DR-BSPTAHP125 £0.98 In Stock
hh5336 Bell Hand Classic 08SI-HH5336 £1.99 In Stock
hh4960 Bell Table Top SERVICE 08SI-HH4960 £1.99 In Stock
se0045 Button Press Studs x36 08SI-SE0045 £0.79 In Stock
Buttons Assortted 125Gm. Buttons Assortted 125Gm. 03JN-41424C £0.99 In Stock
calc Calculator Watch - Various Colours
Watch Calculator Black 08BA-88757 £2.99 In Stock
Watch Calculator Blue 08BA-88733 £2.99 Out Of Stock
Watch Calculator Red 08BA-88740 £2.99 In Stock
Watch Calculator White 08BA-88764 £2.99 In Stock
Picture 098 Castor Cup 45mm Clear 09HI-1020HD From £0.20 Out Of Stock
Picture 098 Castor Cup 60mm Clear 09HI-1021HD From £0.40 In Stock
1511082 Castor Cup 70mm x4 0915-1511082-36 £1.29 In Stock
Chicken Ornament Wooden White Washed15x13cm 08SI-OR0511 £0.98 In Stock
hh5041 Cigarette Rolling Machine SIL 23SI-HH5041 £0.98 In Stock
IMG_20190304_095119_resized_20190304_100016856 Clock Frying Pan Design - Various Colours
Clock Frying Pan Design Blue 08BA-BXLFPC10B £2.99 In Stock
Clock Frying Pan Design Green 08BA-BXLFPC10G £2.99 In Stock
Clock Frying Pan Design Orange 08BA-BXLFPC10O £2.99 In Stock
Clock Frying Pan Design Yellow 08BA-BXLFPC10Y £2.99 In Stock