Miscellaneous Housewares

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
369911 Vase 10" Complete with Artificial Large Orchid 08BA-369911 From £5.00 In Stock
Picture 001 Ash Tray SS x2 08BE-6465 £1.45 In Stock
se0045 Button Press Studs x36 08SI-SE0045 £0.79 In Stock
calc Calculator Watch - Various Colours
Watch Calculator Black 08BA-88757 £2.99 In Stock
Watch Calculator Blue 08BA-88733 £2.99 Out Of Stock
Watch Calculator Red 08BA-88740 £2.99 In Stock
Watch Calculator White 08BA-88764 £2.99 In Stock
Picture 098 Castor Cup 45mm Clear 09HI-1020HD From £0.20 Out Of Stock
Picture 098 Castor Cup 60mm Clear 09HI-1021HD From £0.40 In Stock
90840 Contact Lens Cleaning Kit 5Pce. In Case with Miror 03BE-90840 £0.98 In Stock
tx0622 Door Stop Pastel Spot & Heart Design 09SI-TX0622 £2.78 In Stock
Picture 014 Fork for Pet Food CAT D 08EA-HL1200 £1.75 In Stock
Picture 025 Key Ring Finder Whistle With LED Light 09SI-HH5003 £0.98 Out Of Stock
BC0006 Mat NON Slip 150x30cm Grip Liner 08UB-BC0006 £0.98 Out Of Stock
1 Pads Self Adhesive 38Pce. Scratch Furniture Protectors 09SI-HW0571B £0.98 Out Of Stock
27 Pads Self Adhesive 44Pce. Scratch Protectors 09SI-HH4223 From £0.70 Out Of Stock
ST5891 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 09SI-ST5891 £0.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 055 Plastic Covering S.A. Check Effect 08SI-HH3826 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 056 Plastic Covering S.A. Marble Effect [+B] 08SI-HH3821A £0.98 Out Of Stock
HH3820 (1) Plastic Covering S.A. Marble Effect [+A] 08SI-HH3820 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 009 Plastic Covering S.A. Wood Effect 08SI-HH3821 £0.98 In Stock
LG0105 Playing Cards x2 & Dice x5 08UB-LG0105 £0.79 In Stock
CF0008 Shoe Laces Round Assorted Colours 86cm x6 D 03UB-CF0008 £0.59 In Stock