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Luxury Warrior Branded Lava Stone Hot Cooking Set

Luxury Warrior Branded Lava Stone Hot Cooking Set

Sizzling steaks live at table - It is a fantastic dining experience.

Dinner Party’s couldn’t be easier and more fun.

Every bite cooked exactly as you like it, no matter whether rare, medium or well done.

Every mouthful piping hot right up to last delicious bite.

Perfect for all manner of meat and seafood and vegetables too.

Use to cook food from completely raw or pre-cooked food can be warmed.

Use indoors or outdoors.


  • Heat stone to 280-350°C either in oven or BBQ for approx 30-40mins

  • Full instructions included

Contents and Dimensions:

  • Board size: 40cm x 28cm

  • Stone size: 21cm x 15cm

  • 1 x Rectangular ceramic plate: 26cm x 13cm

  • 1 x Stainless steel tray

  • 3 x Ceramic dipping pots