Knives, Peelers and Slicers

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 006 Pizza Cutter SS [+A] D 08EA-P9W2826 £1.94 Out Of Stock
90015 Peeler Potato Speed Plastic 08ZO-90015 £1.39 In Stock
7100 Peeler DALSON Fruit and Veg D 08EA-7100 £1.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 027 Pastry Cutters set of 6 ? 08EA-W184 £1.49 In Stock
Picture 049 Mandolin Food Slicer 5 Blade Professional SS 08ZO-SHU1253 £39.95 Out Of Stock
m950ut Knife Utility KITCHEN ESSENTIALS 22cm Black Handle 08ZO-M950UT £0.98 In Stock
m931ut Knife Utility 90mm Deluxe Cook & Eat 08ZO-M931UT £1.99 In Stock
Picture 006 Knife Plastic x2 08DA-02125 £1.45 Out Of Stock
KA0010 Knife Paring x3 08UB-KA0010 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 187 Knife Paring SPECTRUM Green 08PR-CUTT0320 £2.95 Out Of Stock
m950pr Knife Paring KITCHEN ESSENTIALS 19cm Black Handle 08ZO-M950PR £0.98 In Stock
Picture 005 Knife Paring Carded [+A] ? 08EA-MC67C £0.79 In Stock
m931pr Knife Paring 75mm Deluxe Cook & Eat 08ZO-M931PR £1.99 In Stock
DSC_0020 Knife Paring 08PR-CUTT0094 £0.65 In Stock
DSC_0014 Knife Grapefruit SS 08PR-CUTT0003 £1.94 In Stock
Picture 186 Knife Fish SPECTRUM Blue 08PR-CUTT0319 £2.95 Out Of Stock
M931CK Knife Cooks 200mm Deluxe Cook & Eat 08ZO-M931CK £3.89 In Stock
Picture 183 Knife Carving Raw Meat SPECTRUM Red 08PR-CUTT0323 £3.95 In Stock
m950cv Knife Carving KITCHEN ESSENTIALS 28cm Black Handle 08ZO-M950CV £1.99 In Stock
Picture 179 Knife Carving Cooked Meat SPECTRUM Yellow 08PR-CUTT0321 £3.95 In Stock