Knives, Peelers and Slicers

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 021 Bean Slicer 08EA-W3641C £1.30 In Stock
3945 Bean Slicer Deluxe 08EA-3945 £1.99 Out Of Stock
DSC_0001 Cake Server Tubular Handle SS 08PR-BACC0023 £1.45 Out Of Stock
603016 Carving Set KD CONTROL 2Pce. 08FI-603016 £14.89 In Stock
90016 Cheese Slicer 08ZO-90016 £0.98 In Stock
3124 Egg Slicer SS 08ZO-3124 £2.39 In Stock
68380 Grater 4Way Deluxe SS & Blue 08BE-68380 £1.99 In Stock
90202 Grater Nutmeg 08ZO-90202 £1.99 In Stock
Picture 021 Grater SS 6 Way Deluxe 08BE-DISC-118 £0.98 In Stock
121685 Herb Scissors Green + Cleaning Tool 08BR-121685 £5.89 In Stock
Knife Block Set 6Pce. Deluxe Black Block 08ZO-21216022 £12.98 In Stock
M9506RK Knife Block Set 6Pce. Deluxe Red & Black 08ZO-M9506RK £9.98 In Stock
Picture 046 Knife Block Set 6Pce. Deluxe SS 08ZO-C9517SS £24.95 In Stock
Knife Block Set 6Pce. Deluxe Wood & SS Block 08ZO-21145261 £14.99 In Stock
363gb Knife Block set 6Pce. GRUNWERG Titan Titanium Coated D 08BA-KK-636GB £19.99 In Stock
602019sml Knife Block Set KD LIFESTYLE 6Pce. Wood 08FI-602019 £27.89 Out Of Stock
Knife Bread 19cm 08BO-COOK32 £1.99 In Stock
m931br Knife Bread 200mm Deluxe Cook & Eat 08ZO-M931BR £3.89 In Stock
Picture 185 Knife Bread SPECTRUM White 08PR-CUTT0322 £3.95 In Stock
4869-5980cnl-1-3-2000 Knife Canelle GRUNWERG SS & Tubular Handle D 08BA-5980CNL £3.79 In Stock