Kitchen Sundries

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
DSC_0010 Bag Clips Sm. x6 08PR-STOR0066 £0.74 Out Of Stock
G98 Bin Compost Caddy 10Ltr. Green Plastic Odour Free 08GA-G98 £5.99 Out Of Stock
G99 Bin Odour Filters for Compost Caddy x6 08GA-G99 £3.98 Out Of Stock
Picture 072 Brush Bottle 50mm 03EA-BL812B £1.49 In Stock
Picture 052 Can & Bottle Opener Easy 4 Way 08SI-KI3943 £0.98 In Stock
kccling Cling Film 30cmx100Mtr. [+B] 08BO-KCCLING £1.99 In Stock
COCKTAIL_STICKS_49e9f9bbb3390 Cocktail Sticks x200 08EA-61120 £0.79 In Stock
DSC_0012 Cutlery Tray 25x35cm 08PR-CTRY0001 £1.28 Out Of Stock
16907 Cutlery Tray Small 33x29cm Midnight 08WH-16907 £1.99 In Stock
Doileys White Ass. X60 14 21 & 26cm 08SI-TJU0023N £1.79 In Stock
Picture 086 Drawer Organiser 6 Compartments x2 08AD-506986 £3.65 Out Of Stock
9 tray Drawer Organiser Ass. X9 08AD-506983 £5.95 In Stock
Picture 010 Egg Ring JOLE D 08EA-CRAG50392 £2.95 Out Of Stock
c88189 Egg Tray 12 Hole White 08ZO-C88189 £4.99 In Stock
Foil Aluminium 30cmx10Mtr. D 08GL-163854 £0.98 In Stock
kcfoil30a Foil Aluminium 30cmx20Mtr. Catering 08BO-KCFOIL30A £1.99 Out Of Stock
kcfoil45a Foil Aluminium 45cmx12Mtr. Value 08BO-KCFOIL45A £1.99 Out Of Stock
Picture 046 Food Sandwich & Freezer Bag Medium x400 08BO-KC400FB £0.98 Out Of Stock
26 Fridge Magnet Eva Words 08SI-KI5810 £0.98 In Stock
22 Fridge Magnet Metal Shapes x6 08SI-KI3916 £0.98 In Stock