Description Stock Code Price Quantity
xmc0391 Christmas Salt & Pepper Pot Mr & Mrs Claus 11cm 08SI-XMC0391 £3.89 In Stock
ol0092 Condiment Set 4Pce. In Barbecue BBQ Stand 08SI-OL0092 £4.99 In Stock
DSC_0236 Condiment Set 4Pce. In Bench Stand 08SI-OL0021 £4.99 In Stock
J0206B Condiment Set 4Pce. In Stand 08ZO-J-02/06B £9.98 In Stock
spslate Condiment Set GRUNWERG Salt & Pepper On Slate Stand 08BA-SLTSP £2.89 In Stock
ol0032a Condiment Set In Chair Table Stand with Knives & Forks 08SI-OL0032A £6.98 In Stock
ki6317 Condiment Set S.& Pepper Hamburger Des. on Stand Ceramic 08SI-KI6317 £2.99 In Stock
754 Condiment Set Salt & Pepper Mini SS 08ZO-754 £2.89 In Stock
cc08 Lighthouse Glass Shaker - Salt or Pepper
Pepper Pot LIGHTHOUSE Glass 08ZO-CC08-12P From £0.66 In Stock
Salt Pot LIGHTHOUSE Glass 08ZO-CC08-12S From £0.66 In Stock
pepper mill Mill 3in1 GRUNWERG SS & Acrylic 08BA-TM638 £8.89 In Stock
PM1219N Mill Pepper 12" Natural Wood 08ZO-PM1219N £9.95 Out Of Stock
PM1702N Mill Pepper 17" Natural Wood 08ZO-PM1702N £14.95 In Stock
PM406N Mill Salt & Pepper 4" Natural Wood 08ZO-PM406N £4.99 Out Of Stock
Mill Salt or Pepper GRUNWERG SS Automatic Gravity Base 08BA-PM066S £7.79 Out Of Stock
Mill Salt or Pepper GRUNWERG SS Gravity Base 6xAAAReq. 08BA-GM501S £9.98 In Stock
Picture 015 Mill Salt or Pepper SS 20cm Electric 08ZO-CEPMO2 £7.94 Out Of Stock
cc7065 Oil & Vinegar Set in Stand [+B] 08ZO-CC7065 £7.99 In Stock
C88066 Pepper Pot 8.5cm Bellied White 08ZO-C88066 £0.98 In Stock
Picture 014 Pepper Pot 12.5cm Tall White 08ZO-C88222 £1.85 In Stock
511460 Pepper Pot Glass 08ST-511460 From £0.60 Out Of Stock