Solid Fuels

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
IMG_20180809_094453_resized_20180809_094753030 BioEthanol Cooking Liquid Fuel 1Ltr. Clean Burn ExWorks BIOC1LTR From £2.37 Out Of Stock
IMG_20180809_094502_resized_20180809_094754202 BioEthanol Liquid Fuel EkoFUEL 1Ltr. Clean Burn ExWorks BIO1LTR From £2.37 Out Of Stock
Picture 052 Blaze Smokeless Fuel 10Kg (104 PP) BLAZE10 From £3.50 Out Of Stock
Picture 047 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED SNUG From £3.94 Out Of Stock
Picture 050 Coal Premium House 10Kg (120 PP) COALPREM10 From £2.84 Out Of Stock
IMG_20180809_094511_resized_20180809_094755242 Fire Gel Bio-Ethanol 1Ltr. 07MA-8010 £3.49 Out Of Stock
Picture 065 Fire Log 200mm 1.1Kg D WSFL1 From £1.50 In Stock
Picture 048 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED HLOG From £4.27 Out Of Stock
4250500 Lamp Oil 1Ltr. Natural 19PA-4250500 From £2.65 In Stock
Picture 046 Logs Kiln Dried 8" Bag (70 PP) D KILNBAG From £3.78 Out Of Stock
Picture 055 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED SUPERCITE20 From £7.79 Out Of Stock
IMG_20190111_085125 Wood Briquettes Rect. RUFx12 10Kg(Ex Works Pricing) D WBWBRIQ12 From £3.67 In Stock
Picture 059 Wood Coal 15Kg (55 PP) WOODCOAL15 From £6.09 Out Of Stock
IMG_20190111_082113 Wood Pellets 15Kg (Ex. Works PRICING) [66 per Pallet] D P15KG From £3.15 In Stock