Shackles, Hooks, and Fixings

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 047 PRODUCT NO LONGER STOCKED 09GA-SS17 £4.79 In Stock
792H 793H 794H BZP Tool Clip Various Sizes
Tool Clip BZP 13mm 09HI-792H From £0.08 In Stock
Tool Clip BZP 19mm 09HI-793H From £0.10 In Stock
Tool Clip BZP 25mm 09HI-794H From £0.11 In Stock
PTI0186 Carabiner PTI <25KN EN362 2004 CE0194 ScrewGate 09GA-PTI0186 £5.89 In Stock
673H Eye Screw 12x1.2mm EB 09HI-673H From £0.02 Out Of Stock
674H Eye Screw 14x1.4mm EB 09HI-674H From £0.02 In Stock
674H Eye Screw 19x1.85mm EB 09HI-656H From £0.02 In Stock
658H Eye Screw 30x6 Z/P 09HI-658H From £0.05 Out Of Stock
663H Eye Screw 65x14 Z/P 09HI-663H From £0.22 In Stock
666H Eye Vine 75x12 Z/P 09HI-666H From £0.13 In Stock
1308H Glass Plate Plain Brassed 50mm 09HI-1308H £0.19 In Stock
309H Glass Plate Slotted Brassed 32mm 09HI-309H From £0.06 In Stock
1340 Hanger Strap 2Hole 60x12mm ZP 09LU-1340 £0.29 In Stock
Picture 027 Hook Elephant Red 09LU-9031 From £0.50 In Stock
Picture 028 Hook Ladder Red 09LU-9032 From £0.70 In Stock
Picture 005 Hook on Plate 50mm HD Galv. 09CH-HPT01G From £1.50 In Stock
PTI0184 Hook Scaffold <25KN EN362 2004 CE0194 09GA-PTI0184 £13.88 In Stock
671H Hook Screw 80x12 Z/P 09HI-671H From £0.20 Out Of Stock
9466 Hook Self Adhesive Small Metal Pin For Curtain Wire + 09LU-9466 £0.19 In Stock
KDPHW1344PCALUMINIUMSPRINGLINKS Hook Snap 4Pce. Aluminium Assorted 09KD-KDPHW134 £0.98 In Stock
KDPHW137140MMALUMINIUMGRABHOOK Hook Snap Jumbo 140mm Soft Grip 09KD-KDPHW137 £0.98 In Stock