Miscellaneous Catches, Latches and Locks

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Picture 138 Catch Case Locking NP 09HI-1304H From £1.00 In Stock
Picture 137 Catch Case Toggle 45mm NP 09HI-1300H From £0.70 Out Of Stock
Picture 081 Catch Double Roller ZP No Screws 09HI-337H From £0.30 In Stock
Picture 135b Catch Roller Adjustable E.B. 09HI-771H From £1.25 In Stock
Picture 135 Catch Roller Adjustable N.P. 09HI-770H From £1.25 In Stock
Picture 244 Lock Fridge White 09ME-DISC-224 From £0.50 Out Of Stock
Picture 243 Latch Touch Z/P 09HI-234H From £1.35 In Stock
Picture 236 Turn Button 50mm B/J 09HI-4145HB From £0.26 In Stock
Picture 235 Turn Button Brass 38mm 09HI-675H From £0.30 In Stock
235H Catch Double Ball Adjustable Brass 42mm 09HI-235H From £0.35 In Stock
178H Catch Ball & Plate Brass 9mm 09HI-178H From £0.20 Out Of Stock
241H Catch Childproof White 09HI-241H From £0.20 In Stock
238H Catch Showcase Brass 09HI-238H From £1.20 In Stock
055H Catch Fanlight & Plate Pol. Brass 09HI-055H From £3.25 In Stock
710H Catch Magnetic Brown Large H/D 09HI-710H From £0.50 Out Of Stock
713H Catch Magnetic White Large H/D White 09HI-713H From £0.50 Out Of Stock
700H Catch Magnetic White Medium 09HI-700H From £0.35 Out Of Stock
723H Catch Magnetic Brown Medium 09HI-723H From £0.30 Out Of Stock
349H Catch Cupboard 54x54mm NP 09HI-349H From £1.45 In Stock
348H Catch Cupboard 54x54mm Bronze 09HI-348H From £1.25 Out Of Stock