Rails and Hooks

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
5141 "Antique Black Hook Hat & Coat 5 3/4""" 09LU-5141 £2.69 In Stock
09HI-577H "Hook Pegboard Single 6"" x 4.5mm" 09HI-577H From £0.40 In Stock
hh0678 Adhesive Hook & Loop 1.5Mtr. Black or White 19SI-HH0678 £0.98 Out Of Stock
5150 Antique Black Handrail Bracket 63mm 09LU-5150 £4.29 In Stock
Antique Black Hook Robe Antique Black Hook Robe 09LU-5144 £1.59 In Stock
Picture 081 Antique Black Hook Robe 09HI-1437H £1.60 In Stock
Coat Rack Wooden Base 6 Hook Ceramic Deluxe Coat Rack 6 Hook Heavy Duty Wood Metal & Ceramic 09SI-HH5746 £24.89 Out Of Stock
Coat Rack Metal Sm. 09SI-DISC-244 £0.74 In Stock
22003c Coat Rack with Wooden Base - Various Sizes
Coat Rack 3 Hook Wooden Base 09NT-22001C £0.98 In Stock
Coat Rack 4 Hook Wooden Base 09NT-22002C £1.49 In Stock
Coat Rack 5 Hook Wooden Base 09NT-22008C £2.29 In Stock
Coat Rack 6 Hook Wooden Base 09NT-22003C £2.50 Out Of Stock
GI5346 Coat Rack Wood & Metal Mr & Mrs Design Quadruple 09SI-GI5346 £1.49 In Stock
HH5347 Coat Rack Wooden Heart Shape Single 09SI-HH5347 £0.98 In Stock
WF1866 Coat Stand Black 08SI-WF1866 £29.99 In Stock
8392 Handrail Bracket 63MM Polished Brass 09LU-8392 From £4.45 In Stock
8394 Handrail Bracket 63mm White 09LU-8394 From £1.00 In Stock
1119H Hook Cleat Brass 75mm 09HI-1119H £0.98 In Stock
607H Hook Cleat Galvanised 75mm D 09HI-607H From £0.40 Out Of Stock
Picture 021 Hook Cleat Galvanised 125mm 09HI-609H From £0.90 Out Of Stock
2309H Hook Cleat SS 60mm 09HI-2309H Call Out Of Stock
630H Hook Cup Brassed 19mm 09HI-630H From £0.04 Out Of Stock
632H Hook Cup Brassed 31mm 09HI-632H From £0.05 In Stock