Wheelbarrow PRO SELECT RANGER 230Ltr. Twin Pneumatic W

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Haemmerlin 230L Pro Select Ranger with Twin Pneumatic Wheels

Haemmerlin 230L Pro Select Ranger Wheelbarrow with Twin Pneumatic Wheels - developed to meet the specific needs of the Horticulture, Agriculture and Equestrian markets, designed to transport large heavy loads.

It has an Extra Long Frame that gives a perfect balance to the user, there is plenty of leg space for those who are taller than average. The handle grips have a descending angle pointing to the floor, to get a comfortable grip as the twin models are higher than the other wheelbarrows.

The Twins make your carriage effortless. You can balance the load of the wheelbarrow with the tip of your finger when carrying a 200 Kg load.

The Twin wheels ensure the loads to remain balanced and leveled.

The trays have been masterfully crafted.

The pneumatic wheels on the Twin’s have a large tyre profile that gives a perfect balance and enables the user to move the wheelbarrow with ease.

Bi-Material Handle Grips are slip resistance and improve the grip between the hand and the product. Ergonomically designed, they have the perfect size and give a comfortable feeling and a better grip.

All Haemmerlin wheelbarrows are ergonomically designed. Load distribution is improved thanks to the long frame, where 2/3 of the loads weight is supported by the wheel of the wheelbarrow.