Weedkiller WESTLAND RESOLVA 24Hr 250ml

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Westland Resolva 250ml 24Hr Weedkiller

Westland Resolva 250ml 24Hr Weedkiller

Visible results within 24 hours. Kills the weed & root

  • Sprayer & watering can applications

  • Contains diquat & glyphosate

  • Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use

  • Size: 250ml


Application may be made using a knapsack or handheld sprayer, or alternatively a watering can fitted with a fine rose. See under ‘HOW TO USE’ for details of doses and water volumes. Application using a watering can may give slightly poorer weed control than using a sprayer. For maximum weed control, especially of less susceptible weed species (e.g. cranesbill, common nettle, bramble) use of a knapsack or handled sprayer is recommended.

When to use:

Use on a calm day when weeds are actively growing and have a large leaf area to absorb the weedkiller spray • Rainfall within 6 hours of application may reduce effectiveness and require re-treatment • Resolva 24H® Concentrate kills most weeds with a single application • Some tough weeds may need a repeat treatment if regrowth appears • Two applications is the maximum number permitted.

:Where to use:

Resolva 24H® Concentrate can be used to control weeds on all patios and driveways, along fences and areas where weeds are a problem • For use on unwanted vegetation • DO NOT SPRAY HEDGE BOTTOMS • DO NOT apply to lawns or other wanted plants unless you want to kill them • Take extreme care to avoid drift as Resolva 24H® Concentrate kills all green plant growth, including grass! • Resolva 24H® Concentrate is broken down naturally in the soil.